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From Stacy, child's age 16

Hello all, my daughter Ellen was always a bit chubby since she hit puberty, but she was still active, so we didn't talk to her about her weight and her food choices. She has always been a girl that likes to eat a lot, but her swimming has kept the weight off i guess. But now that she is 16 she obviously hangs around with friends a lot more and is a lot more independant. It seems to me she is not handling the responsablity well. We went to the doctors 3 months ago and i was told that she is bordering the overweight category, weighing 155 pounds. She promised to watch what she eats and exercise more. I didn't think of this a big problem, because she has always been a bit chubby, but now that the weather is getting warmer i noticed she looked even heavier then 3 months ago! So i asked how much she weighed and she didn't want to tell me. So after a huge fight she finally stepped on the scale and it read 169. I've said that she needed to lose weight, but i don't think she is listening, as she still eats junkfood with her friends, 2 of which are also very overweight. What can i do so she realises how important her health is?