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From Jessica, child's age 12

I'm writting this about my son, David. He's 12 now. When David was about 6, he begain to gain massive weight, even though he had a small appitite (sp?) and played soccer, basketball, and baseball. When I took him to the doctor, the first thing he did was press on his stomache, which David CRIED! We found out then that he had developed a rare version of IBS, which didnt allow for him to go to the bathroom. We were refered to a nurtionist. Now, I'm not telling parents to do this for your children, my son is a rare case, but David basically lives on SlimFast, Carnation instant breakfast, and lowfat milk. Once every other day he can have a solid meal, but only an apple, grilled chicken, fish, or meat, high fiber veggies. It hurts to know he can not eat like a normal child, but the inpact has made a HUGE difference. He lost close to 25 pounds in one week (going to the bathroom). He regained all of his energy. Nowadays it seems (in my oppinion) that so many people have colon problems. To parents who state their child is dieting and exersising, insist on a colon test. It might be infact the answer. Good luck to all of you!