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From john, child's age 12

taylor, what i meant by act, is that we all know the opinions of our kids, and how they will feel. for instance, if one of the children who likes to eat goes on here, they will probably encourage the parent to let their child eat anything. and as for my daughter, she has not eaten this extreme her whole life, just now, i guess because of puberty or something. i do not sense the reason of why you continue to argue about my posts. truly, if you have a problem, maybe you should not go on this board. my daughter has a serious weight problem, and i am trying to get her help. i mean this in the kindest way possible, that i am not trying to start a fight, and i realize neither are you. some people really do create fake posts for some sort of cheap thrill, or something. also, my daughter has been changing her mind alot about what she wants to do, i assume she might have gotten a little teased at school, but she likes to eat. thank you for your concern. -john-