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From john, child's age 12

today again, as soon as i went downstairs, i caught sammie eating.that's when i decided to finally put locks on everything. while sammie was outside, i locked up the fridge, and cabinets with special locks with combinations. suddenly, i heard slamming in the kitchen. i saw sammie crying, and punding herself against the fridge, screaming she wants cake. i told her calmly she would thank me later, and she slammed into me, and knocked me to the ground. she screamed again that she wanted cake. i told her no, and she sat crying in the kitchen for most of the day. when it was time for lunch, i secretly opened the locks, and pulled out a bag of salad for her. she ate the whole bag in a few minutes or so, and screamed she was hungry again. i sent her up to her room, and she seemed quiet for a while, until i came in and found that not only was she eating food in the kitchen, but piles of candy were stashed under her bed, and she was gulping down chocolate bar after chocolate bar. when she was little, i used to call her a bottomless pit, because she could eat and eat. but soon, her stomach started ballooning out, and i thought maybe she would lose it later. i was folding clothes when i saw a pair of her pants, and i was surprised and shocked at how much bigger they were than mine. i do not know how i let this get so out of hand, and i know it must stop now.