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From john, child's age 12

as soon as i went downstairs today, i saw sammie eating loads of food downstairs. i told her to go take a jog, and excersize it off. i stayed outside to make sure that she was really jogging. i watched her try to run, and less than halfway down the block she became red in the face, and started panting. she asked if she could stop because she was hungry and i told her to go around the whole block. when she came back, she was all covered in sweat, and exausted. she went right back into the kitchen and started to eat.then, we decided to go to the pool, but her only tankini was in the wash, and nothing else fit her but a two peice because her belly wasn't being squeezed in. when standing up, her stomach is the exact length of her arms sicking out in front of her. she has gotten really big, and i really didn't want her to go in it, because she looked inapropriately dressed. she can't really swim good, because of her weight, but i made her try. then, i saw her tagging along with her brother to get something to eat, and she asked for four ice creams for herself. i ran over, and told her only one, and she yelled riht in my face she was hungry. i was shocked when a group of people told her to listen to me, and she yelled at them and said she was hungry. an elderly lady told her, look at the size of you, dear, and tell me you need that ice cream! then, a little girl said to her parents, why is that girl so fat? and her dad said, because she's a spoiled brat. sammie heard this, and ran away crying. in the car, kyle said what we didn't want to tell her. he told her she'd gotten too fat, and can't keep eating like this. he even had to get her seatbelton, because her stomach kept getting in the way, and she can hardly squeeze into the small space in the car. plus, the seatbelt squeezed her middle, it's gotten so big. at home, i asked her to do some crunched for me, but she couldn't even bend, because her belly was too big. we have decided to buy a treadmill just for her. she has gotten way out of line,and it's about time she lost it.