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From john, child's age 12

a little while ago, i caught sammie as soon as she finished four leftover hotdogs in the firdge. her stomach was still growling. i decided that since this was hard for her, i would let her eat whatever she wanted today, and she could start the diet the next day. she ran to the fridge, and grabbed the unopened chocolate cake we bought. i ate a bite to take some food away from her. she shoveled in peice after peice, until there was a tiny bit left. then, she went back into the fridge, and ate two doughnuts. i asked her if she was done, and she said no, not yet. she began to get some bloating, i think, because she unzipped her jeans, and lifted up her shirt so her belly was loose. i went out of the kitchen, and throughout the rest of the day, i saw her wolfing down meal after meal after meal. she then told me she had decided she dosen't want to be a model, she wants to be fat so she can eat all she wants to. i told her she dosen't have to be a mode, but this wasn't healthy for her. she told me that she really likes to eat, and didn't care how big her belly gets. i'm still going to try, but i can't help feeling guilty that she chose this, because i let her eat. then again, she looked like she was close to cracking her diet the first minute she started it. she didn't care enought to be consistant with her diet. my daughter has to go around wearing elastic pants in overweight mens sizes so her stomach can grow. please help me think of something to help her.