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From john, child's age 12

this diet thing has been so hard for sammie. every time i see her reach for something unhealthy, i remind her of her goals. yesterday, she even started crying when i made her give up a hamburger and fries. we went to the pool a few days ago, and she wore a tankini. her stomach was too big for it, though, and bursted out. she didn't even go swimming, though, just sat and ate a pretzel and some soda. there wasactually this little belt to put on over the bathing suitm so i tried to get it on. i finally squeezed it over her belly, and closed it on the last notch. for a while she went around, looking squeezed in, and when she sat down, it opened, and popped off. looking at her belly, compared to the other overweight girls, she looked like she was much fatter than all of them. i was wearing a belt with my pants before i cahnged into my bathing suit, and it was too big on me, so i tried it on her, since she wasn't going swimming. i adjusted it on the highest notch, and still it was tight. kyle noticed how tight her big belly looked in the outfit when she sat down, and encouraged her to take off the belt, so she finally did. i don;t think she'll be going to the pool anytime soon, again, though.