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From carla, child's age 6

I have a 6 year old little girl, who suffers from severe allergies and asthma. She is constantly on steriods that make her appitite very high. She is a big girl, 4ft2in and is 89 pounds. She is very proud of who she is and embraces her body. We neber say the "F" word(fat) in our house. Instead we openly talk about "Healthy" food and making the right choices. She totaly understands the differance between "Healthy" and "Junk" but still has a Big problem loosing any weight. She is very active. Cheerleading,bike riding, swimming, but still her body never changes. Iv talked to docs and they say to keep away from junk foods and sodas, but that is not the problem. I really think she has a medical issue that the docs wont belive me. Also taking constant Steroids isnt the best thing to do when your wanting to loose weight. She is the only one out of our 4 kids with this issue...Is there any other parents out there srugling with the same thing? My heart is breaking for her becasue I know how mean kids can be. She is only in Kindergarden, so it hasent really hit her yet. But her self esteam is high and she is a happy girl...