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From Martin, child's age 9

Hi, I'm writing about my son Elijah. My wife and I were called to the school to talk to the school nurse and we were told what should have been obvious to us; Eli was very overweight. Somehow we had both not seen his weight problem. We had assumed he was a normal healthy child and were shocked to be told at 3ft11 and 185lbs he was obese. Yes we had problems finding clothes for him and yes we saw he had a belly but so did all his friends, though nowhere near as big, and we felt he was normal. Well he has never eaten a lot of junk food, he just eats a lot in general and is very inactive barely moving from the couch from the moment he gets home till when he goes to bed. That was back at the beginning of June and our attempts to get him moving over the summer have failed and he has outgrown, in width, his old school uniform. We're both at a loss as where to go next. Incentives for getting moving haven't worked and over the summer he has grown to 198lbs and his breathing (due to his asthma) and movement has gotten much more laboured. If you have any ideas to stop his outward growth we would much appreciate it.