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From Jeremy, child's age 12

Okay, so I'm not a parent I'm an older brother. I'm 17 and I have an extremly overweight younger sister named Jessica. She ie 5'3" and 362 pounds! She wasn't always so big, but she started putting on weight very quickly at age 8, when our father left our mom. I love her so much, and it tears me apart to see her like this. She just eats and eats, and it's really taking a toll on her. She's obviously having a lot of trouble getting around, and she's still getting bigger! I don't know what to do. I've talked to my mother about it, but she just makes excuses and says "She's going through a rough time in her life. Just let her be." My mom has been severely depressed since my father left and in this matter I don't think she'll be of any help, because she just lets Jessie eat whatever the heck she wants. I've attempted to talk to Jessie about it myself, but she's a very sweet and sensitive girl and it upsets her. I've given up on trying to talk to her, because I know she's aware she needs to lose weight, but she doesn't know how. I know it hurst her. And it hurts me to just see her get bigger and bigger and there's not much I can do to stop it. Before I know it she'll weigh 400 pounds. She'll be too big to move! I'm begging you for advice. Please, how can I help her?