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From Taqua, child's age 11

My daughter is 11 years old and 215 lbs. She cannot be left alone with food. She steals food and even eats food out of the trash. She will eat and eat until her stomach hurts and she will still ask for more. I had to take the rails off of her bed because she was stealing food and putting the wrappers and containers under her bed. It got so bad that I just stopped buying food. I would only keep enough food in the house for a day or two. That still doesn't work. Now, I have a lock on the pantry and a chain around the refrigerator. However, if I leave the pantry open just while I go to the bathroom for example, she's in there craming food in her mouth. She will eat an entire loaf of bread in less than a day. One morning I went to wake her up for school and she couldn't talk. Panicked I started shaking her. Only to find out that she had been up eating bread that night and fell asleep with a mouth full of bread. That's why she couldn't talk when I went to wake her up. She could have choked in her sleep. I am so fed up with it. I have to watch her constantly. HELP.