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From marie, child's age 12

...just a couple comments on the "healthy choices", I know your intentions are good ones but...peanut butter vs, p.b is heart healthy and will lower cholesterol, fruit snacks(maybe you meant fruit as a snack?, but fruit snacks have 120 calories per serving and one piece of fruit has 50, and fiber to fill you and fruit snacks are one of the number one dental decayers. Another thing is always, always read your labels if it has hydrogenated oils in it..put it back..very bad for the heart. I would not recommend splenda for children it is made with chlorine which a lot of people are unaware of. It also has not been tested on children...adam and eve make a flavored water that is only diluted down juice, which really can be made at home. Stick to foods that are grown in the ground, not chemically produced...they may cut calories but will not improve health.