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From Caris, child's age 17

I wrote a while back about the problems I was having with my (450lb) daughter. I tried getting her to exercise carrying the weight around was too much for her. She'd go a few feet, but after heaving her bulk that far, she'd be panting, sweating, crying for me to let her stop. After a few days she just gave up, and she's put on more and more weight. I'm sure she's pushing around 500ish now. She's only 5'1. She doesn't bother to move very often now (only from the sofa to the bathroom) I have to have her brothers help her stand. She can't get up under her own power anymore. I'm so worried, because it's my poor daughter under that mound of blubber. She looks lost in it. I've asked the doctor to do a house call, but he said he can't do that. And she can't phsyically walk as far as the car anymore. Seriously, when her brothers help her up, she's panting from lifting the weight. And the walk into the bathroom just about kills her. I think she's going to die, and no one will help me.