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From Debbie, child's age 15

Hi, my daughter is 15, 5'6, and 275! She eats NON-STOP!!! Yesterday, I took her to the running track and she went around half way and had to stop! She was determined to go a mile though, but it took her 45 minutes. We went to the pool last week and she insisted on wearing a bikini..........and.........her stomach hung OVER HER WAIST!!!!!!! And what's more, she ate the whole time. I went in her room and there were candy rappers everywhere (chocolate mostly). She just doesnt seem to care though. Whenever I say something to her she just cries, and if I tell her not to eat something, she has a fit! The doctor told her very nicely she needed to lose weight, and she had a fit on her too. That was 2 months ago, since then she's put on 10 pounds!!! Me and my husband are very fit. We both work full-time so she walks places and buys food I think. She is an only child so she is used to just getting everything she wants.......and i guess that includes food. She NEEDS HELP!!!!!!!