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From Kelsee, child's age 0

hello everyone. i just wanted to give you parents some advice from a kids point of veiw. im 14 and beginning to healthfully lose some weight. one of the best things you can do for you kids is get the junk food out of the house. believe me, it will help, and if its not there you cant get at it. im sure your kids will find something healthy they can learn to love (personally, i would much rather have a peice of fruit anyway)..and if they ask for something, dont give it to them!!! its your responsibility!! and start making healthy dinners, there are some great low fat cook books out there, and some healthy dishes are great for kids!! also, youve probably heard of 100 calories packs...delicious!! there baked snacks in orea, chips ahoy, ritz snack mix, and tons more, and there only 100 calories and sooo good!! also, popcorn is a great snack..for excerise, start taking family walks after dinner. it will really make a difference and youll even get to spend time as a family. hope i helped!