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im classed as 'morbidly obese'and I gave birth to my beautiful daughter carmen 4 months ago who is an extremley healthy little girl, but, ive got the feeling im going to find it really difficult to be running around with her in a couple of years time as its physically impossible for me to run as my legs rub together and my belly hangs so much i dont know what to do!!!, the birth was so difficult because of my weight too!, and i definatly want more kids in the future my sister sasha had a little boy called leo who is now 3 and obese allready ( he wears 9-10 year old shorts for trousers!!!) like sasha who is actually amazingly, enourmous. and i dont want my carmen to turn out fat!!!, 2 pf my sisters and one brother and all their childern are scarily fat and WE NEED HELP!!!