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From Kathryn, child's age 0

Hey all you parents out there. Dont get discouraged if your kids dont want your help! Its your job to be the mean person who tells us what we dont want to hear! Thats part of what parenting is about. And seriously, dont worry to much about upsetting your kids. I mean, I was completley hating my mother when she pointed out to me in the nicest way possible that i could benifit from losing a bit of weight. I felt betrayed, like, youre My Mother! your supposed to love me and think im perfect no matter what size. But of course, once i got over that, i relized shes right, and i could look better thinner. Of course i never told her this, cuz you know, cant let her win! So if your kid is at all like me, he/she appritiates your critism/help in some sort of twisted teenager way! So dont give up! We may hate you, BUT we still need you!