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From stacy, child's age 13

ok my kid is 13 and she weighs 567 lbs and she wont stop eating i have 2 home school her because the kids make fun of her and she cant walk very well and this summer all she did was eat she put on 20 lbs since newyears and in the summer she gained 80 she is very unhelthey and she wont stop eating she is 3 times the size as me and has huge streach marks but i dont know how she got fat me and my husband bolth weight about 150 she is so fat she broke her bed so she sleeps on the floor almost every thing is broken b cuz of her and she cant walk well we give her an alouance but she just buys junk like yester day she ate 2 larg pizzas 3 sandwitches 1/2 a pie 4 things of french fries and about 20 full sugar soadas shes the fattest person ever i i wont let herhave desurt after dinner cuz she weighs 2 much and shes only 13 her brother and his friends make fun of her and its hourable but shes the fattest person ever her picture was even in the papper once about over weight kids plz help