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From Lindy, child's age 14

My daughter has always fit in well in her school, despite her size. She wasn't embaressed about her weight either, because to her there was nothing to be embaressed about.-- none of her friends thought it was "wierd" to be fat". This past week I took her to the doctor because she had a virus. Before then I never really concentrated on the fact that she was overweight, maybe even obese. It wasn't until after she stepped on the scale that I noticed her stretch marks on her arms, calves and thighs or how out of shape she was that she'd be greatly out of breath after just walking up one flight of stairs. She stepped on the scale and finally it stopped at 214 pounds and she jumped of just as fast as she changed the subject. Last night I brought up the incident at the doctor's office and how I think it's un-healthy for a 14 year old who's 5'5" to weigh 214 pounds. She started crying because she thought I only wanted her to lose weight because I was embaressed of her. She didn't want to listen to me and I am to scared to bring it up again... what should I do?