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From BoBo, child's age 13

Hello. My daughter is 13 and weighs 175 lbs. She went to Weight Watchers nad in 2 weeks she lost 7.5 lbs. Then she slowly gained it back after abut a yr and a half, she realized this was getting her nowhere. She then weighed the same as she started (I suppose it was god that she hadn't gained any--I don't know). So, now this is about half a yesr later and she has already gained 13 lbs. And (she and i both have hypothyroidism and take a pill everyday for it) lately her school owrk has been going down, she has a lack of energy, she seems sort of distnat and far of, and She eats non-stop. I dont know what to do about. If anyone has gone through this or can help me, please do! Thank you.