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From Olivia, child's age 8

My 8-year-old stepdaughter is 4 feet tall and 125 pounds. This is a 3 pound weight gain in the two weeks since she was last with us - we have visitation every other weekend. While with us, I watch her food intake very carefully...even her 11-year-old brother tells her to stop shoving in her face. Her Dad (my husband) is completely embarrased to be seen in public with her. Bathing suit shopping is a difficult enough experience for most of us - we ended up getting a ladies size large tank suit for her. What concerns me is 1) the bio-mom doesn't think her daughter has a problem 2) both bio-mom and bio-dad are diabeticand 3) no one at school or church wants to step in and make a report of medical neglect. HELP!