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From Richard, child's age 14

I have a 14 year old who loves football. Last year when he was 13, he played for a local little league team. He was very skinny 13 5'9 139lbs. When the seson ended, he and his coach were going to move up to the same high school team. He tried out and didnt make it and his coach said that all the spots were filled for the next year or two, except for center, and if he wanted to be center, he had to ain a lot of weight. He agreed and started eating Junk food non stop. Whenever I tried to stop him, he would say " I eat because I love football, if you stop me, you wont love me." he made me feel guilty. Then after a year he was 14 5'10 and 311 lbs. Tryouts were 4 months ago and he didnt make it because the same coach said that he was too heavy. Because of that,4 months later he is now 14 5'10 331 lbs. There is a huge Gut were his six pack used to be, and his big arm muscles are now all flab and no muscle. I look at a pictue of him last year nice and skinny, and now Fat or Obese from head to GUT to toe. And he still loves Football. What should I do?