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From Allison, child's age 6

hi my daughter is 6 but soon will be 7. she weighs 90lbs now. we've been back and forth to the doctors since she was 5. she has always been a little big. but she started gaining most of the weight at age 3 and a half and 4 yrs old. my biggest problem is trying to teach her portion sizes or why she can't have seconds. i think she eats out of boredum most of the time. everytime i tell her no its a power struggle. i keep all junk food out of the house now and am encouraging her to eat fruit, vegetables, and lofat cereal w/skim milk. its not easy but i hope it helps. i am a little overweight myself so i told her together we are going to eat healthier and hopfully lose some weight. if anyone is interested i'd love to e-mail (