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From Marley, child's age 0

hey, i'm the same one with the post on the eminem one. I just wanna tell the parents on here that if you censor your kids to much, something will most likely go wrong. I have so many different friends from many different backrounds. Most of them are very rich, and also very restricted. But one thing that happens is that they'll go to friends house s and hear it there. They'll listen to the radio, watch TV, anyhting, it's hard to escape. I'm already not the most normal child in the world, but not because of his songs. If i wasn't aloud to listen to him, i would be so mad at my parents, i would hate them. But my mom would rather have me listen to him then Britney and Christina and think it's cool to whore myself out in barely there clothes. Hell, by your girl a No DOubt album, gwen is much more respectable. Let your kids have some freedom, it'll be better. My mom lets me express myself, i have pink hair and a nose ring, something many of my friends want. When there parents say they cant have things like that, they pierce themselves or color in there hair, things are hard to escape. Let your kids be themselves, it's better that way.