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From Lilly, child's age 14

My daughter is 14 and about 5 foot 6. She never let's me see how much she weighs, but I've never been too concerned. She doesn't look that big, but she does have a stomach that sort of hangs. But yesterday we were in my room and I've been redecorating so stuff is everywhere and the scale was by my bed and I was sitting on my bed and she came over and stood on it to be next to me and ask me something. Curious, I didn't say anything and then I saw what she weighs. She then left and I know now that she weighs in around 180. Our scale is a bit goofy so i figure maybe 5 to 10 pounds less, but still, isn't that a bit much for a 14 year old? I mean most of the kids weigh like 120, or 130. And here she is at 180. I don't know what to do about it. Should I talk to her or take her to a doctor?