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From Lindsay, child's age 11

My child, Jessica is very obese. She is 5'4" tall and weighs 269 or did, now (she was weighed yesterday) 301 . I took her to the doctor a month ago (she haden't been in about 5 years, I'm sorry to say) just for a check-up. I knew Jessica was overweight but I didn't exactly how much. We don't own a scale so we wouldn't know. Five years ago she was a normal weight for a six year old girl. It was three years ago when she became overweight. I tried to get her to exersize but she won't and just sits on the couch watching TV and eating tons of junk food. I knew she was overweight when the school nurse called me to tell me how muched she weighed. Since this was in fourth grade (now she's going into sixth) she weighed 202. The nurse told me I should have her examined by a peditritian who specialized in that field. I didn't listen so it was a whole year before I decided to take her. I was shocked at how much she weighed and told the doctor that she had weighed 202 one year ago and in one year she gained over 60 pounds. Last month after her visit I was asked to return a month later. That was her visit yesterday to the doctor. Since these are the summer months and she sits around on the couch all day eating I had expected her to have gained only a few pounds. I was shocked to have learned she gained a whopping 32 pounds in one month! She seemed not to care. She is now on a special diet made by the doctor and I'm very displeased to say it but since yesterday she gained another pound! We bought a scale yesterday so I could accuretly weigh her every week or so. We have another appointment on August 10th. I really need some help on controling my daughters weight because if she keeps climbing at this rate she'll be at 1,000 pounds by the time she's 18! I want a healthy daughter and really wish she would loose weight! Any help would be appreciated! Sincerley, Lindsay Parkingston