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From Laura, child's age 5

Hello everybody, i want to talk about my daughter reanne. One day she went to school and came home with three notes the first was, from her friend kelsey. It said, reanne i asked all of the kids in our class how they think you look. These are the things they told me. you are a fatso, chubby, lardbutt, blubbergirl, piggy, and fat magnet. The next note was a list from kelsey. These were what kids 11-15 thought of the way reanne looked. these words were very hurtfull and saddening and the last note was from the school guidance counselor who gave me a list of weight programs,and diets for reanne. Now when reanne came home she screamed and hollered and cried. She told me she knew she was fat and she wanted to be thin. A couple of months later she was on a diet but she was still as fat as a house. But not literally. her thighs are huge she as tons of rolls on her stomache and she has busted out of almost every pair of clothes she owns. People make fun of her and it discourages her from the diet I put her on Please respond!