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From Brent, child's age 15

My son has been having a lot of trouble with his weight recently. He was fine until he was about 13(He weighed somewhere around 130 and wore size 28 jeans) He had hardly any gut at all, but now its huge. He also started coming to me asking to wear my clothes, saying that his were too small. I wear size 34 jeans. We don't own a scale, so I didn't know how much he weighed until a couple of days ago when I took him to the doctor for a checkup. I was alarmed when he weighed in at 180 lbs. I had no idea he was that bad off. He only weighs a few pounds less than me. He doesn't complain about this, but I can tell that it bothers him, especially his gut. How can I help him get rid of it, and how can I get him to open up to me about it?