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From Alexandra, child's age 14

I just would like to start off by saying that this is one of the best sites in regard to over weight children and teens. I find it fascinating that there are people in this world that care enough to help such children. Any way, the reason that I am writing is in regard to my 14 year old son. My son, for most of his life has been a 'big boned' child. He has always have had an enormous appetite, just like his father. However, in the past year, I've noticed that his stomach seems to be getting a little bit bigger. In the beginning, it just seemed a little rounder, which I passed up for the fact that he had just hit puberty (his voice was changing and he was developing facial hair already!) so I assumed he would grow. However, after a few months, I took notice of his shirts and pants. The buttons of his shirts looked as though they were ready to pop off at any given second, and the tails weren't staying tucked in. His pants top button never stayed closed, and the zipper dose not go all the way up. His measurements are 5'5, 180 pounds. What should I do?