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From Tiffany, child's age 9

My daughter is 4'8", weighs 120 pounds. I've asked her doctor for some guidance with her diet but the only thing he says is "she eats too much". She is an extremely picky eater. Her diet consists mainly of meat and potatoes, she does'nt like rice or pasta. The only veggies she'll eat are carrots, broccoli, and green beans. Fruit is out of the question. I've tried to cut down her portion size but how much is too much, what is the proper portion size? Then the fighting starts, because she's still hungry, and I tell her she has had enough. The oddest thing about all this is that she can not sit still. She would rather be off with her friends doing everything from playing with dolls to riding her bike to playing in the pool. When she does sit down to watch tv, she bounces. Diabetes runs in my family and every time she gains another pound I get more concerned. I need guidance.