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From Shari, child's age 11

I have two children who are both overweight. I also, am overweight. My son, age 11 tips the scales at 195 lbs and my daughter, age 7, 115 lbs. I am 34 and weigh 250 pounds. I know what the main problems are. When there is no school, my kids watch TV, play video games and play on the computer all day. I know I should put a stop to it, but, it's difficult on where to start. Plus, I'm not an active mom either, so, that doesn't help.Neither of my kids complains about being overweight, nor, are they picked on at school. It is quite the contrary. Both of my children are quite popular. Just since September, my son has grown two pant sizes bigger, from a 34 to a 38. I have no idea where I am going to buy him pants when he gets older if he keeps going at this rate.I want to do something about it, but, without creating an atmosphere where "fat is bad" and have them get a complex about it. This is such a thin line...maybe I should see a nutritionist.