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From Colette, child's age 8

My daughter weighs 132lb. She is 4ft.3in. tall. She knows she is bigger than she is suppose to be and I know it bothers her sometimes. She has expressed to me that kids have teased her I have basiclly band her from sweets at home. I keep a lot of fruit at home like apples, oranges, grapes ect. We eat pretty healthy because I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last november so i even have changed my way of eating. she has lots of friends but isn't very active physically because of her weight. She can't even tie her own shoes or get dressed by herself very well. My mom get's on me all the time about her and it upsets me because I am trying my best. I am financially limited so that doesn't help either, but I have been blessed by a friend recently and will be joining the YWCA soon and I hope the swimming will help. thank you for listening me go on any reply?