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From Helena, child's age 0

Hello all you parents.I'm a 15 year old girl and I stumbled across this site when I was doing research for a project on childhood obesity. I've been looking over all your posts and this page in general and I've come to find myself very frusterated.I don't think this site is very healthy, espeshally the stories on the site which have an implied promise that if a child loses weight he (or she) will not get teased and will have friends. That's not true. Kids are most likly going to get teased and if not for being fat for being too tall or short or having glasses or whatever.I also do not appriciate (or appove) of this site because of the way it promotes thiness. I think the people who made this site had healthyness in mind for all children, but I feel they went about it from the wrong apporache.I feel you parents are going about it from the wrong way as well. I do not think you should be so obesessive about your children being 'thin' or 'normal weight' and limiting their food. You should let them eat however much they want just have most of that stuff be food that's healthy for them (fruits, veggies, ect) and make sure the exercise. It does not matter how thin they get or if they eat only half of what they were eatting before (like this site segests) they can be fat and healthy. Teach them to enjoy themselves for who they are which includes their weight. I do not think you want a bunch of eating disorded children. Also for those of you with older kids and teens ask them how they feel. They might actually like being overweight and enjoy themselves. Just remember it's not about how thin your kids are but if they are healthy and happy.if you have any comments about my post feel free to e-mail me TheFatLittleGirl@aol-just a girl speaking out for kids everywhere