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From Isabella, Age 11

Ht. 5'8", Start: 172 lb, Today: 172 lb, Goal: 160 lb - Most days out of the week, my dad will leave about an hour after I get home from school. Then I'll be home alone and I can't stop myself. I'll eat and eat anything in the fridge. I hate being fat but I just can't stop eating food. I also dislike it because it makes me more tired in PE than anyone else. I really don't know my weight so my starting weight and today's weight is the same. My mom doesn't like having a scale because she is obese and I'm too embarrassed to ask her to buy one for me. All I know is that in November when we got weighed for wrestling, I was 172, but I probably gained more since then. I could be close to 300 pounds by the end of high school based on the way I'm gaining.