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From Bailey, Age 21

Ht. 5'4", Start: 191 lb, Today: 144 lb, Goal: 130 lb - Hello everyone, Its been years since ive come on this site, and just like everyone else i constantly have struggled with my weight, depression and stress. Slowly throughout the years I have brought my weight down. But as a normal human being I slip and fall off the tracks once in awhile. I see there are alot of you on here struggling and or just want some motivation. I know how you feel! I completely 100% believe we become addicted to sugar & FOOD. We are ALL human and its stressful & emotional challenging. Remember everyone if we would have stuck to our "healthy eating" & gym routines 6 months ago we would have been alot closer then we are today. BUT that also applies to 6 months from now, once we commit and get motivated. Im not saying keep putting it on the back burner but we ALL have second chances to redeem ourselfs, and we have the opportunity 6 months or a year from now to look back and say, f yeah i did it. KEEP YOUR HEADS HIGH. In the past year I have spent alot of time studying nutrition, diets, macro nutrients & health & fitness in general. A close friend of mine is a register personal trainer & have gained alot of knowledge in the past year to benefit my weight loss journey, If any of you are ever feeling low, depressed, or just need a friend shoot me an email! If you guys want any tips/ tricks or want to ask any questions i would love to answer them to my knowledge. I am not a professional nor am i finished my weight loss journey just want to make people smile & help/motivate to my ability :) Have a great day everyone! my email is baileymcareavy@live.ca