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From Jessica, Age 17

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 156 lb, Goal: 118 lb - I 've always had comfort eating issues since I was eleven I was picked on and worst of all I was in special ed my last aide yelling and lying putting me in that classroom was prison for me not many of my peers like me anymore I was left alone so I ate myself in four years to 181-183 lbs I got addicted to sugar they gave me junk all the time since I 've been homeschooled for almost six years Sept it ll be six years now! I w'd lose 25 lbs for a time then gain it back. I didn't like myself I almost killed myself back in summer 07, yes I was going to end It I had enough of being bullied even some of the girls apoligzed to me. I didn't want to live, this was six years ago. I used to do two-third helpings on my meals that's wasn't healthy I was a big eater I would sit around all day I was barley active that's was horrible looking ac pictures I end up not wanting to look at them its was horrible my BMI was obsess highest was 94-100 . I wore 2XL Junior's in my clothing I refushed to get new clothes till got under it but I did it! I'm still fighting it I will win the battle break the overweight/obsess chain or the at risk chain when I saw at the doctor's office I hit 183 lbs I cried in tears. I was out of breath just simple thing doing stairs I could see my feature of going to 300 or 300+ lbs mark or worse 500 lbs. it scared me I reflcuted how my grandma's side of family who were at 300+ or more its was horrible they weren't able to sit on the chairs special chairs were provide just for them. that made me think do I want to end up like that? even at times do I want to end up in bed bound? I saw that pic in my mind I deiced enough was enough why waste my life eating myself to death. instead of comfort eating I end up listening to music or walk job run with my dog! fatty arty is horrible pic to see, ewww fatty tissue. the pics really woke me up again this past year! I'm still trying to eat healthy and excrise its my mirgrians re making It difficult yes u guys can lose weight conquering ur comfort eating I 've a lot of friends I didn't think that w'd happen . I was loner my conadtion autism is a target of being bullied. yes I h'd suffered depression all the time. thank you Jesus for helping me conquer my comfort eating! I don't like comfort eating I feel sick after that my dad's family & grandma's side of the family re big eaters. drinking lots of water. I rather not comfort eat I worked really hard to stop it now! I'm happy I can find belts I know they will fit my riding belts for shows I want to work on! I keep getting mirgrians. never give up Jessica17.