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From Tauren, Age 15

Ht. 5'2", Start: 160 lb, Today: 156 lb - I've been chubby since around 5th grade, just a bit, but it spiraled in 8/9th grade. well I just completed 9th grade last week and the whole year I felt different from all of my friends and that I couldn't rlly connect and for various reasons had severe depression and gained 20 lbs to my highest weight 160. well I'm going to a new high school next year so this summer I've been eating well and excersizing 45-60 minutes. I don't have a scale so my weights are estimates but I'll get one. I want to be about 115 (I'm 5'2", & have some serious curves) & get involved in grls basketball (I have some talent, but I've never played formally or very much in general). believe in urself and u REALLY CAN DO IT!! my friends say I'm not fat jst curvy cuz I'm half latina BUT I know I am fat (my doctor too) and I can be in AWESOME shape at 115. think about how hot & amazing ull look in high waisted shorts!! I rlly want to RELATE and be similar to my friends at my new school and mess with some guys. I'm also recovering from dermatillomania and have a junk food addiction so if I can do this (only 5 days but going very strong!!) YOU CAN AND SHOULD TOO! you don't want to due from type 2 diabetes or heart problems like many fat ppl do. just live without regret or burden and be HAPPY for thesake of it. thank u <33333