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From Kerry, Age 12

Ht. 5'6", Start: 150 lb, Today: 124 lb - In the matter of only 3 months, I cut out all soda and juice from my diet and just drank water. I lost about 5 pounds in a month without realizing it and when I saw that just a small change in my diet made such a difference to my weight, I gained a whole new confidence to lose the weight so that I can be happy with my body and change my lifestyle. My family and I always ordered lunch and dinner from a fast food restaurant and soon junk food became an addiction and I realized I needed to get my family to stop and thats exactly what I did, and when they did order pizza for example i would never eat it and have some veggies or cereal instead which really helped me not get tempted to eat the pizza and not give up on my diet.Everytime I thought of giving up, I'd think about how sad I am with my body, the fact that I'll never be happy in a bikini when i go swimming which i really love if i stop my diet, and also my health and social life which was pretty bad. Over a couple of weeks, I saw that I was losing a lot of weight and I became even more excited to lose even more weight.A month from when the diet started, I've lost 25 pounds which leaves me at 124 pounds. I now feel more cofident, happier, and excited to wear my bikini in the summer! I now only need to lose 15 more pounds and I'm so excited! If I can do this then you can too! :)