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From Liz, Age 13

Hey guyz. I'm glad I found this sight, let me tell you my story.I was thin and very healthy, I was in basketball which required a lot fitness. When basketball ended I had nothing to do, so I just sat around. I watched TV, was on the computer, and ate. I didn't notice that I was getting, well larger. I was out with my friends at my friends house running around, and I noticed that I got tired very easily, and i was very tired so I left and went home. I pulled on my fave outfit but I noticed it was a little tight. I figured, what the hey who cares. The next morning I went to take a shower and noticed I had balloned up. A LOT. My stomach had inflated and I was just plain huge. I went to go eat because I blew off my appearance that I saw so I ate and ate. I am getting larger my the second. My weight before was 129 and now I am at the size of 150. Keep in mind this weight gain was in the period of about a couple weeks. I am getting fat so if u could plz help me.If u wanna talk on AIM my s/n is Ilovepie76.