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From Sad One .. Again!, Age 13

Today: 240 lb, Goal: 140 lb - Hey! everyone has always been great on here! and yall really did determine me over the summer i lost like 6lbs in 2-3days! it was a miracle! and now i am from 210 ta like 235 240! i am sooo sad and depressed about it, I also got achne and stretch marks and have let my grades in school go from straigh A's to Straught F's! I just dunno what got into me i just kept missing school laying around in stuff! I mean I will admit this hen istay hjome from school or are just home alone i eat WAY LESS! which i thought was weirs, but I guess not much is on my mind and i am nutral or sommin! I been thiinking about Homeschooling alot, I am in the 8th grade, and I wanan get homeschooled the rest of this yr, and then start highschool looking good! I mean I wass get homeschooled and improve my self.. no achne make stretch marks not ivisble, and loose 100 lbs! I think i can do it, but if i get homeschooled and dont i will be really sad! so i would need all yalls help along the way! oh and after the holidays if i get homeschooled i am gonna start a new diet plan it called My Plan.. All it is is cantelope water and exercise!! for a month see how ya so and change to another fruit or vegtable or keep that one.. it seem s kool and i cant wait!! but ya! i dunno about thew homeschooling thing i mean i will learn too.. hows this sound to everyone let me know! thanks! God Bless You All!