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From Kelli, Age 17

I have a problem. My best friend "Sara" is overweight and has been gaining quite a lot over the past few months. I know I shouldn't be minding other people's business, but her being my best friend, I feel partially responsible and protective of her. Her parents are complete junkies, her mom being overweight and not caring at all and her dad frequently away on business. Lately she doesn't want to go jogging with me or do anything outdoorsy. Yesterday we went shopping and when she found that she no longer could find clothes at Abercrombie, she went down to the food court and stuffed herself. I don't know how to approach her at all, Im not dumb to think that she doesn't know about her weight, but I dont know how to open up the subject and try to get her motivated to loose so as to be healthy and be able to do more active things. Her self confidence has also gone down, we go to a high school full of rich, beautiful girls who all were size 2s. Any advice on how to approach her and get her motivated to loose weight for her own health? She is also really sensitive on the subject. Or should I just back off? Please Respond! Thanks. Peace.