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From Tara, Age 13

Hey everyone A while ago I put a comment I just put can someone help me. Well that weekend I went swimming and played basketball and walked every day or mabey even 2wice. I lost 5 pounds I think in a weekend. I did not eat any junk food and drank alot of water. It seems imposible but I was 140 and then I turned 135Well then I got depressed becuase my father was an acholoic and I started to eat becuase I was so sad. That was like mabey 6 months ago. I am still 135 and want to go back on my old diet cuz it really did work I did advice so you can email me at riddlebox@printgalaxy.com or im me on aol: tarizzlefoshizle! Im going to really try this site is awesome becuase it motivates people! Well email me or im me! Tara age 13 weigh 135 and height is 5'4 or 5'3