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From Sarah, Age 13

Hi everyone. Just last year i got some friends at school for the first time ever and i felt gr8. But this year they are ignoring me, and it makes me so upset that i eat and eat. Since the begining of this year i have gained almost 50lbs. At the begining of the year i weighed 295lbs but now i weigh a whopping 340LBS!! I used to be a size 22 but now i can barely sqweeze my flabby body into a size 30! I am the fattest in my school by far, and i have so many embarassing things that i cant do anything about such as: -My skirt is way too small so i have to wear it under my fat rolls instead of around my waist so my belly flab hangs over the top and bounces, joggles and wobbles all over the place when i walk. -ALL my clothes are too small so my flab bulges out all corners it can -In the last three years i have broken 7 chairs just by sitting on them -When i sit on a chair and it DOESNT break, my thighs bulge and hang over the top. -i have 3 chins! -there is not one part of my body that doesnt jiggle when i walk, or even breathe! (you should see my flab when i run) -my waistline is about 230cm which is a LOT! -Like someone else here, my swimsuit has split at the seams where my fat broke it open, and all my joggling flab spills out like you would not BELIEVE! PLEASE HELP ME! I AM SICK OF BEING STUCK IN THIS GROTESQUE FLABBY BODY! I AM HUGE!!!! PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME I WOULD BE SO GR8FUL!!