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From Niki, Age 14

I hate exercising. It's sooo boring. I love eating. I eat when I'm hungry, when I'm bored, it's so fun. I want to look good. 10 thing I wanna change about me:1.I'm hairy. I'm a girl yet people say I have a mustach. Well really just my cuz and bro but STILL.2.I have these nasty little white things groths or something under my eyes.3.My stomach is kinda bulging out.4.My knuckles are really big. I kno I should crack them but I love the sound. My finger is too fat for my mom's wedding ring.5.I dunno about my height. I'm 5 foot 2 but all my friends are so short and I feel so tall. Well most of them anyway.6.I hate my hair. It won't grow fast enough. And I used sunin on it last summer now it's growing out and the top is dark and the bottem is wicked light.7.I hate my eyes. I have really bad eyesight. Like REALLY bad. I have contacts but they are so annoying.8.I hate my feet. I wear I size 8 shoe they are soo big.well tahts only eight...i guess tahts it. i feel better now, lol. anyone else wanna share there self hates. it really helps.