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From Katy, Age 13

Ht. 5'1", Start: 167 lb, Today: 167 lb, Goal: 167 lb - What size should I go? So I'm out jean shopping, and had no clue what size to go with. So when the associate asked if I needed help I said yes. She looked at me and told me and told me I'd probably fit best into the junior plus section (I'm 13 and 5'1"). So we went over and I picked out four or five pairs. She told me to start with the 14 junior plus so I took them to the fitting room and tried them on. The low waist ones felt good but wouldn't button. The high waisted ones fit and felt really good on my butt and thighs. I came out and the associate checked the fit. She told me that "I was short and had a little bit of a fat belly and that high waisted ones would make me look even shorter and fatter." So I tried the 16JP next, I managed to button the low waisted ones but they were pretty tight. The associate's advice was that " my problem area was near my belly and since I had a lot of fat there a tight waist band would give me a muffin top." So I tried the 18JP's, they were really loose though and not as comfortable as the 14 or 16. What size do I go? 14JP, 16JP? Or 18JP? I'm 5'1" 167lbs if that helps