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From Jessica, Age 18

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 159 lb, Goal: 118 lb - Its been bout three months since I posted on the fashion/clothing broad, now I can wear a size 11/12/ Junior's I can find my tops very easily! my advice for clothing is look for specials that's what I do! and I fiurge out what I did wrong not beat myself over it. I fond a nice sweater you can only order it online its like almost $40.00 but I will order when I 've a job when its 50% off! my size goal for Jeans/pants re a size 5/6 = 125 lbs then 3/4 = 118-124 lbs. try aiming a small mini goal for example your re a size 15/16/ that's is 167 lbs 36 inch waist I think just don't remember that forarm, arms,. I'm one size away from single digit! bridesmaid dress size S or M! = 4-6. cardio is the trick! watching what u eat. not enough w.t. lost to lose a shoe size yet. 15-20 lbs ur shoes staring sliding off your feet. measure yourself from head to toe. I hope this helps even tho I'm the oldest teen = senior teen. young adult woman. for plus sizing stores JCPENNY's, now JCP, its really odd. at times Sears may have it, BOSCIC"S Ladybrayt. Marshalls's but again check your w.t. on the scale I'm scared of scales. I 've measure myself a few times or more I'm happy to be almost 28 inch waist! I lose an inch off my waist will be 153- then try 150 again. Patle's they 've plus sizes but that store is higher end a little bit, KHOL's online, check what stores has clothing sizes. its we size meals & sitting we do to ourselves is the biggest issue. take it easy guys I know its was like being in XXL three years ago at this time I was 170's by end of Sept. but still h'd to wear XXL. now I'm just plain L! next goal is M! I'm not quite there alogther. size S. next. Jessica18.