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From Max, Age 19

Ht. 5'6", Start: 200 lb, Today: 191.5 lb, Goal: 150 lb - Day 25 May 25th My workout’s are getting more and more intense which is eventually going to make me more and more tired. I hope i’ll have enough energy to do my homework. heh. I have something running through my mind about the last meeting we had. There was a parent that was extremely restrictive of the iPhone that was given to the kid by the study. If he’s not in control of his technology that controls his weight-loss, how are you ever supposed to keep him responsible for losing weight? idk, just a thought I had. I’m taking section exams in the next few days so the blogs may come out a little later than expected. Breakfast: Cereal I’m going to be studying for quite a while today but I’ll be away from home so I wont have any tendencies to over eat. Wish me luck! Lunch: ?? Don’t really remember to be honest. It was either nothing, or something so small and unnoticeable it’s not even worth blogging about. Dinner: Salad Today was a very stressful day. and I wanted to snack on things so much. Studying and not understanding something makes me so stressed and weak to food. I’ve been trying really hard not to eat. My strategies include standing up and doing physical exercises for a little bit until I can get my mind off food and back to work I go!