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From Max, Age 19

Ht. 5'6", Start: 200 lb, Today: 196 lb, Goal: 150 lb - Hey guys, I'll be putting my blog posts about my adventures with w8loss2go app on this bulletin board too! I'm currently writing about my thoughts and experiences with the app along with how I feel emotionally and physically while following the procedures. If you're feeling frustrated with losing weight I want you to know you're not alone, and you can see that here! My blog link is if you want to see my previous posts! Warning: I don't check for grammar mistakes or spelling simply because i'm writing out my thought process. <b>Day 5</b> My Physical therapist is letting me do gym bikes, really pumped because its the first item of exercise i’m allowed to do on my legs, they are feeling a bit weak :(. Probably going to go really hard on the bike for a few weeks. I think my weight is going down? I weighed my self over the weekend and today and it seems to be lowering from my initial weight of 200. I think I am making progress. I hope to lose more than a lb a week. With me going to the gym everyday (after I get approval from the PT) my hope is that I lose 2 or so lbs a week while keeping the same food regiment. Breakfast: Cereal (generic) Sometimes I’m too tired to even realize what I’m eating I just need to eat it to get some energy in my body. Today was one of those days. I’m really proud I was even able to weigh it out! Lunch: Chicken & Rice It was very yummy, made some chicken with a mustard aioli and it was amazing. Would suggest anyone to make this. I struggle the most between lunch and dinner to keep myself from snacking but I usually just forget about it if I get really into my homework or other task i’m doing. (Like blogging, which I currently shouldn’t be doing because I have a midterm coming up. oops.) Dinner: Quesadilla & Rice That was pretty good. I actually ended up only having the Quesadilla because I was really full after it! I was really surprised. Usually I feel like I have to eat a horse before I can feel full so this was an amazing experience to feel full after only a quesadilla!