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From Jeimi, Age 20

Ht. 5'2", Start: 265 lb, Today: 227 lb, Goal: 165 lb - hey everyone sorry i didn't answer about the weight loss competition i thought we should do i was away with some friends so i got a scale and idk if it's correct since it was just sitting around in my house but it says i weigh 227 which would mean i lost 7 pounds this month. I have some news i wont be able to be posting weekly starting the 19th becuase i got a job at a camp so i'm going to be away for 8 weeks. I will still be trying my best to lose weight becuase this is a life style i have to keep up forever so i'll still be working out and eatting right. For the girls that answered my last post i want a way for us to stay in touch this whole summer and keep at this because it's helpful when you must report yourself to someone soo idk how we would do this the more people that join the better lets make this summer happen with the weightloss guys no more waiting. for all those of you who want to join in the weightloss group please answer this post and give me some ideas of how i can stay in touch with the whole group through my phone (like email or make a special page even though idk how to do that lol or we can make a twitter just for us or something like that). Hope to hear from people this is a chance to make a community of support guys =)