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From Ally13, Age 22

Ht. 5'1", Start: 204 lb, Today: 153 lb, Goal: 115 lb - Hi all! I've been off and on this site since I was in my teens (wish I would've just stuck to it the first time, lol). Anyway, I just wanted to post what my journey's been like so far. This is more to motivate myself than anthing =). So my heaviest weight was 204, which was back in February/March 2009, which is ALSO the first time I met my fiance's family, who live in Australia. Let me tell you, I did not feel like the girl I wanted to be =p. Our wedding date was set for December '09 and I was determined to lose some weight before then, so, by the time it hit December, I was down to 166. Since then, my husband and I have been adjusting to married life and me learning how to properly cook so naturally, we've been consuming a lot of fast food, haha. With working out and trying out new, healthy recipes, I've gotten myself down to 153 (been fluctuating for the last couple of months). My goal is to reach 115 (or the equivalent of a size 2-4...I'm around an 8-10 now) before we go visit my in-laws for the Christmas season. Because it'll be summer there, I want to have the option to wear a bathing suit or shorts around them. I also intend to get toned so I don't look all baggy/out of shape from the weight loss. I'll probably post once in awhile to update on how I'm going with everything. Meanwhile, I hope everyone's doing great with their regimens =D!